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Jamies Blog

Finally, my dream to visit my brother Steve in UK came true. He sent me a plane ticket as a birthday gift. I was jumping up and down when I received it. I just arrived 2 days ago and I can’t still believe that I’m already here. I’m staying at my brother’s flat, it is well designed and the facilities are good. He said that a Nottingham Letting Agent referred this place to him, the rate is also good that’s why he grabbed the offer immediately.
Yesterday, we went to Edinburgh .It’s a great place, they have rich history and architecture. There are lots of attractions such as museums and castles. There are lots of entertainment centers too. My brother hired a tour guide, I learned a lot about the history and some culture of the people there. I really enjoyed the place. We arrived in Nottingham at around 6pm. He asked me to rest for some time and refresh because we’re going to have dinner with his friend Dave, an SEO expert who is working at Nottingham SEO company by 7pm. So I met Dave over dinner, he seemed nice and geeky. My brother said he is really good that he could make any sites land on the top page of Google. At a young age his geeky friend already owned a nice house. My brother said that Dave is lucky enough to chance upon that house inbuy to let, it was on a rush sale then. He got the house at a very good price. I was impressed and at the same time curious about the SEO thing. I will research more about it when we get home.
When we were at my brother’s pad I asked him if it is possible for me to study in a University in Nottingham. I want to take up Computer Studies like him and his geeky friend. It will be 2 years from now and he said that it is possible. He smiled and showed me photos of the house that he is paying; he will be able to settle everything for one more year. He loaned at dream home loan that’s why monthly payment is not that hassle for him. He used quick property sale, quick house sale and BMV property to search for his lovely house. He would love to share his new house with me when I go to college. I am so touched, my brother has been very supportive of me ever since. Anyway, he said that I am his favorite sibling. He promised that he will give me his Ford car that he bought at bmw m3 finance if I graduated with honors from secondary school. We seal the deal and maybe even look at audi deals. I will make sure that I will get it.
I’m really determined to study in Nottingham or some good Universities in UK but I’m worried that it would cost a lot and I don’t want to burden my family that much. My brother said it’s okay aside from the fact that he is earning well there is this low rate loan which also provides loans for students. All I have to do is to study hard. I had a great day. I am looking forward to see more places to visit and experience in the succeeding days. Anyway, I still have 3 weeks left to enjoy my vacation here. When were about to sleep my brother ask me to take this herbal colon cleanse he said that it will not only make me healthy, it will also make my skin glow. So I immediately take it. Let me see if it will really make my skin glow.
It will be another day tomorrow and I have to wake up early because we need to shop for online baby deals, then have an early lunch with his friend Carl who is based in Hong Kong and working as Business Executive at Web Design Hong Kong.

More updates soon!